Derek the creator of Pumpd

Hi, I'm Derek - that goofy lookin' fella posing nearby. I built Pumpd. I built it for you and I built it for me. For years I spent countless hours creating custom workout programs for myself and friends whenever it was time to switch things up. I thought to myself, "Derek, there's got to be something on the internet that does this." After exploring the vast seas of the web, I unsurprisingly found a LOT of websites claiming to do what I wanted. But, there was one big problem: They all sucked! The workouts were generic and thoughtless. That's when I decided to just build the damn thing myself! And thus, Pumpd.fit (v1) was born. Over the years, the site has evolved immensely and I am completely commited to continuously improving the platform. I hope you find Pumpd as useful as I do. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I'd love to hear from you!

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